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Qcitymetro.com reports promoter Christopher Dennis filed a lawsuit against Therapy Café alleging breach of contract. A lawsuit against Therapy Cafe could push private conversations about racism at some uptown establishment into the public arena.

The dispute is regarding terms of a deal between Dennis of Circle of Friends Promotions and Therapy during the 2010 CIAA basketball tournament. Dennis is asking for $3,800. The suit was filed July 16. Qcitymetro’s story comes on the heels of complaints of racism by another Charlotte promoter Kirk Brown of Six Figure Entertainment. Last week, Brown circulated emails via Facebook alleging racism and unequal treatment at the uptown lounge in which he had some sort of business relationship. Therapy has denied Brown allegations, and did not return Qcitymetro’s calls regarding the July 16 lawsuit.

The case is scheduled for Aug. 18. If this case goes to court, the outcome could impact how black promoters and patrons deal with club owners. Considering how often black promoters and patrons complain about treatment at uptown establishment this case could push people to more than complaint about how they’re treated at certain establishments.

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