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Imagine your man waking up and the first thing on his mind is just how crazy he is about you.  Although this may happen anyways, why not turn it up a bit? Add a little extra something to make everything fizz.  Something that is guaranteed to keep you on his mind all day is giving him butterflies first thing in the morning. Solution? Bubbles.

I’m not sure what it is about bubbles, whether it’s the kind you blow out of a wand or the bubbles that shoot out of your soda, but they always seem to be positive.  So before he wakes up in the morning, get a warm bubble bath going.  Be generous with the bubbles.  Throw in some scented bath oils and you are guaranteed to make every muscle in his body relax.

Once you guys wake up and you guide him to his morning bath, surprise him with some delicious mimosas.  Along with the grenadine, orange juice, and champagne, throw in some fresh oranges.  Leave some on the side to snack on together while you enjoy your bath. Mimosas in the morning are perfect because they don’t weigh you down, you don’t get too wasted too early, they are delicious and fresh, and they are bubbly!

Once you join him, take advantage of all of the bubbles.  Blow some at each other and see who can make a better beard.  These small things really take your minds off of the monotony of life nowadays.

Do you have any other bubbly ideas? Or maybe some other ways to make the morning seem less like the morning? Fill us in!

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