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During an interview with Complex on June 3, Yung Miami opened up about why she and her City Girls groupmate, JT, have been slowly diverging away from one another and releasing music individually.   

According to Young Miami, after the release of the City Girls’ third studio album Raw in 2023, she and JT felt as thoughtheir lives and careers were in two different spaces, mentally and physically. 

“The whole rollout for the album was bad because we was just in two different spaces. You know, like, we older now and [JT] was doing her own thing. She on the West Coast, I’m in Miami. I’m doing my own thing,” the rap star explained.

“I felt like naturally, when she doing her own thing, it just worked for her. And when I’m doing my own thing, it worked for me. But when we get together as a group, it just wasn’t connecting. It just wasn’t working no more. So I think we both was at a point where we were just like, ‘We probably should just do our own s**t.’”

Yung Miami reassured Complex that the City Girls will release music again at some point, but right now, the ladies are channeling their creative energy into their own projects. 

After dropping her fiery “50/50″ freestyle in February, Yung Miami followed up with her first solo banger, “CFWM,” featuring Skilla Baby in May. She’s also stepping into her “Yams” era, a fun word she’s using to describe some of her forthcoming music.

When asked about the controversy surrounding her relationship with embattled music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, Yung Miami said she isn’t letting the “noise” stop her from being great.

“You can’t let people dictate your life and tell you what you can and can’t do,” the star shared with Complex. “You don’t even fu**ing know me. So, it’s just like you got to keep going and you got to just learn how to block out the noise. That’s the only way you’re going to be successful if you block out the noise.”

JT is also putting the peddle to the medal with her music career. In April, the Miami native dropped the music video for “OKAY,” her latest solo offering.

She’s also preparing for the launch of her upcoming solo mixtape, City Cinderella, named after her initiative that prom dresses to economically disadvantaged girls. A recent post on the rapper’s X account on April 23 teased that the project was “Coming Soon.”

As fans eagerly await its release, JT has been keeping them satisfied with hits, including the February release of “Sideways” and “No Bars” from 2023.



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