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Anyone who’s been on Facebook lately has seen emails from Six Figure Entertainment CEO Kirk Brown. The emails titled, “Stop Racial Profiling,” detail Brown’s breakup with Therapy. Apparently, Brown’s business arrangement with the uptown lounge ended acrimoniously.

Brown attributes the breakup to racist comments and poor customer service toward black clientele. Therapy’s manager Adam Rees, Therapy’s general manager, denied the allegations in an interview with Qcitymetro, calling them “completely slanderous.”

Reese told Qcitymetro, “The email was completely done simply because Kirk Brown was upset that he was no longer getting the large amount of money he was for promoting this place,” Rees said.

Read Qcitymetro to see what both sides are saying, but this is such a familiar story.

How many times have we heard black promoters or patrons complain that an uptown club is racist and mistreats minority patrons? Over the years, we’ve heard the allegations about nearly every popular uptown club. How many times have we heard black men complain they couldn’t get into this club because they weren’t wearing the right shoes? Who hasn’t heard about the supposed black ratio that uptown clubs adhere to?

Until more African Americans and minorities own nightlife venues, we will continue to hear these allegations. And until more African Americans truly stop patronizing establishments where they feel mistreated we will continue to have these problem. That also means not supporting them when they’re about to go out of business. That’s when they allow black promoters to rent their spots for parties and the club charges exorbitant drink prices.

Money talks. Complaining is simply noise.

Check out party pictures from black-owned Tempo: