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Donald Trump Jr. Campaigns For His Father In South Carolina

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At some point, Black people are going to get good and tired of white conservatives making us their flavor of the week topic every election season. Many of us are already there. Many of us are already rolling our eyes into the back of our heads every time white Republicans try to show solidarity with the Black collective in the most self-serving, superficial, condescending, manipulative, downright insulting, and, of course, racist AF ways imaginableall while leveling white nationalist propaganda against Black Lives Matter, critical race theory, non-whitewashed Black history, diversity, equity, inclusion and the Black vernacular-derived word “woke.”

When they’re trying to snag our votes, we’re suddenly their best friends, and if they don’t actually have Black friends to show off—their imaginary Black friends will have to do.

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During a recent episode of the right-wing podcast Triggered, Donald Trump Jr. took a page out of his father’s The Blacks Love Me book and claimed that Black men randomly walk up to him and not only express their admiration for him, but they declare him their “hero.”

“I travel all over the country, I fly commercial,” Trump Jr. said. “I have seen and witnessed, now more than ever, the amount of African American men that have come up to me, literally like, ‘Hey man, you’re my hero.’ I’m like, ‘What? Like, really?’ I did not have that in my bingo card.”

Now, technically speaking, we can’t prove that Trump is lying, just like we couldn’t technically prove Marjorie Taylor Greene was all KK-Kap when she claimed an African American airline employee named “African American Muhammad” approached her to send his regards to Trump senior.

For the record, we also can’t technically prove an invisible, intangible pink giraffe named “Pink Giraffe Muntumbo” exists—but we can use our common sense.

Common sense should tell us that it’s more likely MTG riffled through the Rolodex in her head searching for every stereotypically Black name she knew to bolster her lie than it is that she actually bumped into a Black man named Muhammad who introduced himself as “African American Muhammad” just in case she couldn’t see with her own eyes that he was African Americanwhich she couldn’t because that imaginary negro DID NOT EXIST!

Likewise, through common sense, we can determine that Trump Jr. oversold his already hard-to-believe Black friend fiction by claiming Black men regularly approach him and call him their “hero,” despite the fact that he has performed zero acts of heroics, especially not in the Black community. Unless you’re as delusional as most of the Trump family consistently proves themselves to be, it’s clear that Trump Jr. was unable to tell his tall tale without his raging white savior complex giving him away.

Suffice it to say, the overwhelming response from non-MAGA cultists to Trump Jr.’s Miss Millie impersonation was clear: We don’t believe you, you need more non-imaginary people!

It’s worth pointing out that when Trump Jr. isn’t pretending Black men are dry-humping the ground he walks on everywhere he goes, he’s trading racist, anti-Black emails with his equally racist and anti-Black friends, comparing Michelle Obama to an NFL linebacker, and blaming DEI for airplanes falling apart even though pilots and flight engineers are currently around 92% white and male, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Honestly, it’s been a long couple of weeks for Caucasian conservatives who wish they had real Black supporters and the actual Black people who are suffering their white nonsense. We’ve had a Fox News host claim the elder Trump’s ugly-ass $400 “Air Treasons” would attract Black voters because “Black people love sneakers.” Last weekend, Trump repeated his racist claims that his mugshot and criminal indictments have earned him street cred with Black people during an appearance at the Black Conservative Federation Gala in South Carolina, which, by all accounts, had a largely white audience.

All these people do is prove they don’t actually see Black people as people. We’re more like political utilities to them. We’re the equivalent of seasonal attire to be worn out and then discarded into the back corners of their closets until we’re in fashion again.

All they do is display their bigotry and make things up—including the Black people who support them.


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