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Wendy Williams was reportedly diagnosed with dementia and aphasia in 2023, according to a press release. On Feb. 22, reps for the famous talk show host revealed the shocking news shortly after a clip from the celeb’s forthcoming documentary Where Is Wendy Williams? captured the 59-year-old media maven appearing frail and unsound.

On Thursday, Williams’ care team announced that the former radio host was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia (FTD) in 2023. Aphasia, a neurogenic language disorder, can occur following a traumatic brain injury or dementia. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, it can disrupt the left hemisphere, which is responsible for language and communication abilities. The condition is most commonly seen in individuals post-stroke.

Frontotemporal dementia is a form of brain disease that can drastically change the behavior, cognitive function and personality of those affected. FTD represents an estimated 10%-20% of all dementia cases and often develops in individuals aged 50 to 60, the Association For Frontotemporal Degeneration noted.

Reps for the Ask Wendy author claimed that her health struggles had presented “significant hurdles” in her life over the last year.

“Wendy would not have received confirmation of these diagnoses were it not for the diligence of her current care team, who she chose, and the extraordinary work of the specialists at Weill Cornell Medicine,” the statement read. “Receiving a diagnosis has enabled Wendy to receive the medical care she requires.”

According to the star’s care team, Williams wanted to raise awareness about aphasia and frontotemporal dementia to show support for people battling both health conditions.

“There is hope that with early detection and far more empathy, the stigma associated with dementia will be eliminated, and those affected will receive the understanding, support, and care they deserve and need.”

At the end of the letter, reps gave an update about the star’s well-being, telling fans that she could still do many things without the help of her medical team. Williams is still holding on to her “trademark sense of humor” despite her health struggles, reps said. “She is appreciative of the many kind thoughts and good wishes being sent her way.”

Williams’ Lifetime documentary Where Is Wendy Williams? is set to premiere on Feb. 24.

On Thursday, an exclusive clip from the forthcoming documentary emerged online, capturing the former Hot 97 radio host engaged in conversation with Angela White, formerly known as Blac Chyna. Appearing without her signature wig and wearing minimal makeup, Williams appeared frail and hardly recognizable. Additionally, her speech appeared to be affected. Netizens were shocked to see the typically vibrant “Hot Topics” host in such a compromised state of health.


Williams left her eponymous daytime talk show in 2022.

In 2022, the former Hot 97 radio host stepped away from The Wendy Williams Show after she developed health complications from her battle with Graves Disease and lymphedema. Fans were given a glimmer of hope in 2023 when the “Hot Topics” icon teased her return to the airwaves with the announcement of her Wendy Williams Experience podcast, but those plans have been on hold since Williams was checked into a facility in April of last year to receive treatment for her cognitive issues. She remains in that undisclosed facility to this day, family members told People on Thursday.

The 59-year-old was also placed into a court-ordered legal guardianship that manages her finances and health. According to Williams’ family, her court-appointed legal guardian, whose identity remains undisclosed, is the sole individual with unrestricted access to her. They claimed that while she can initiate contact with them, they are unable to reach out to her directly.

“The people who love her cannot see her,” Williams’ sister, Wanda Finnie, told the outlet. “I think the big is: How the hell did we get here?”


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