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carl banks starter x mlb collection

Source: Michael Loccisano / Getty

NY Giants great and president of G-III Sports, Carl Banks, has found his second act with fashion. In 2022, Banks borrowed some old swag to breathe new life into the Starter brand with his nostalgic Legacy Collection, which featured four iconic designs, including the red satin Giants jacket Bill Belichick wore when the Giants won Super Bowl XXV. The collection was praised throughout the league and by football fans who wanted a piece of history in their closets. Fast-forward to today and Banks is back with the Starter x MLB collection — what he says is an homage to Hip-Hop 50.

Starter X MLB Collection

Bringing back the Bronx bubble jacket (a tribute to the birthplace of Hip-Hop), Banks is dishing on the 90s staple and how it is the anchor of the upcoming release.

HB: Starter Jackets were always cool, but you really breathed life into it when you introduced the swaggy Giants Legacy collection, what makes Starter a forever relevant brand?

Carl Banks: The relevancy of the [Starter] brand is directly tied to its emotional connection with pop culture and sport. Starter was the first brand to make fandom a fashionable and wearable experience. Starter preceded NIKE in connecting sport and pop culture. Every household from 1985-current has a “Starter Story,” the Legacy collection featured the rare red satin Jacket worn by NY Giants coach Bill Belichick as well as legendary rapper Rakim.

HB: What is the inspiration behind the MLB collection?

CB: The inspiration behind the MLB collection was to pay homage to the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop. The birthplace of Hip-hop is the Bronx, New York, and the New York Yankees exclusively wore Starter during their championship run in the 90s. The *Bronx Bubble* was a staple in streetwear apparel and was worn by the team and some of the biggest celebrities from Spike Lee, Lil’ Wayne, to FunkFlex.

Starter x MLB Bronx Bubble Jacket Unveiling

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

HB: What makes Starter jackets an essential back-to-school item for the fly girl or guy?

CB: Starter is essential for the closet because it is timeless and culturally relevant, and you can rep your favorite team in style.

HB: What makes the bubble jacket so classic?

CB: It is classic because of its vast library of original styles like the Bubble, Satin Jacket, and the pullover Breakaway silhouettes. They are often imitated, but without the S/star on the cuff, it can never be duplicated.

HB: How have women embraced the Starter jacket?

CB: The jackets have always been viewed as unisex. However, we are currently making dedicated women’s sizes and cuttings.

HB: Starter jackets make a bold fashion statement, what does that statement say to you?

CB: It says classic, timeless, legacy, infinite swag…

HB: What do you think about the NFL players today vs when you played, how has the game-day fashion changed?

CB: Today’s NFL players are definitely better paid(lol), Swag is Swag, regardless of era. Access to fashion houses.

HB: Who is the most fashionable NYG and why?

CB: WITHOUT A DOUBT IT IS 100% Tyrod Taylor. He exudes swag in everything he does. He is the embodiment of style.

Order your jacket, here.


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