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Love Triangle: Remy Ma Seems Unfazed By Cheating Allegations [WATCH]

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It seems that Remy Ma still ‘Feels So Good’ even after rumors of infidelity with a Philadelphia battle rapper resurface. The New York-bred rapper has been in the blogs for quite a few months regarding cheating rumors in her marriage with long-time partner and fellow rapper Papoose.

Speculations began after a physical altercation between Eazy The Block Captain, participant in Chrome 23 (founded by Remy Ma) live rap battles, and Papoose took place in June. According to Hip Hop DX, the scuffle stemmed from Eazy getting “too cozy” with Remy Ma during the event.

At a more recent Chrome 23 battle, though his opponent was Eazy, rapper Geechi Gotti fired shots at Eazy, Remy Ma, and Papoose. His freestyle lyrics seemed to confirm an affair between Eazy and Remy. He mentioned the June fight, the rumored affair, and even said during his verse (looking Remy directly in the eyes), “Should’ve [messed] with me, I wouldn’t have ran my mouth”.

Not only did Eazy not negate the rumors, but seemed to validate them in his rap by saying, “You wanna know who I’m f*****g, you want the details, n***a keep this on the DL. If you heard that a n***a socked me over a female, it’s probably because I still got the female.”

Remy Ma addressed the rumors in a post-battle interview.

“I’m comfortable…This is battle rap. I’m used to it, it’s to be expected. This is not the first time someone said my name in one of the rounds…Geechi loves me,” she said smiling.

See Remy’s Comments Below:



Unlike the other rap battles hosted by Chrome 23, Papoose was not in attendance.


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