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Joseline Hernandez

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

In part two of Joseline Hernandez’s interview with Carlos King, she spilled more about her career, love life, and motherhood journey. 

In the first installment, she discussed how she came to meet producer turned reality star Stevie J and ended up as the breakout star of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. She also revealed why she left the reality series to pursue developing her ideas. 

The Joseline’s Cabaret star showed appreciation for some of those who supported her after she left Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta during the second part of the interview. She also talked about her artistic choices and those pesky Cardi B comparisons. 

Check out the juicy tidbits we learned from their discussion below. 

Joseline Hernandez thinks Faith Evans saved her life by marrying her ex. 

Hernandez said she believed Evans was “probably” seeing Stevie J while he and Hernandez were still together. She expressed gratitude for the couple’s union.

“It allowed me just to leave,” she said. “She really just saved my life.”

She jokingly asked King if he was responsible for the couple’s “failed marriage.”

Hernandez then quipped that getting together was “too bad for her and too good for me” before adding, “I’m driving the bus.”

Joseline Hernandez Birthday Bash Day Party

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

She is tired of being pitted against Cardi B. 

No matter how many interviewers ask if Hernandez feels Cardi B has the career she wants, her answer is not changing.

“No,” she told King. “I feel like Cardi B has the career she deserves, and I have the one I deserve.”

“Joseline owns her own TV show,” Hernandez continued. “I own the IP, so every month I don’t have to go to work, I still get that check.”

“And I don’t like people comparing Cardi with me or even another lady with another lady that’s so bummy. She’s her, I’m me, she’s who she is, and we’re all successful, and comparing people to each other is stupid because everybody’s different,” she added.

Joseline Hernandez

Source: Paul Archuleta / Getty

We Tv licensed Joseline’s Cabaret after rejecting the pilot.  

Hernandez cackled about We TV licensing her show after choosing to pass on the pilot. 

“I thought it was fucking random,” she said. “I was like, now why would you guys come back and pay me when you had the first dibs in it through Carlos King.” 

She credited their choice to the show being “Too explosive.” 

She rejected a full-time role on The Real because she felt she was too young for the gig. 

“I did not have time to sit with the old ass bitches talking about no other bitch,” declared Hernandez. “I felt like I was too young to take that type of job.” 

Balistic Beats is the only producer she will work with because wants wealth in the family. 

Checks from the streams from “Live Your Best Life (Do it Like It’s Yo Bday)” and “Vegas” (I Wanna Ride) are only going to one address.

“I get good checks from BMI,” Hernandez told King. “My money spilt with me and my husband.”

“I don’t write on anybody else’s track. I believe in my husband. We make a great duo,” she added.

See the full interview below.


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