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The Internet is still dragging Funky Dineva after the Fox Soul host made unacceptable comments about Chloe Bailey’s appearance and music career during a viral episode of Tea-G-I-F. 

Funky Dineva has been trending for over 24 hours after calling Chloe Bailey “not cute,” and inauthentic among other things. Instead of apologizing, the problematic personality doubled down on his opinion about her being “inauthentic.”

“I said what I said with my whole chest. I, 100 percent stand on the fact I think Chloe Bailey is inauthentic when it comes to her as an artist. I think the sexual image she gives sometimes is unbelievable and I think that in her defending her sister, the whole clapping back was inauthentic,” he said. “But I also recognize that is probably where my commentary should have started and stopped.”While Funky Dineva doesn’t take back all he said, he did apologize for calling her “not cute.”

“I don’t have my head too far up my own ass or so far into my ego to recognize that I did cross the line when I started talking about her looks. That was below the belt. It was unnecessary and nongermane to the story at hand.”

In case you missed it, here’s what Funky Dineva initially said, “I can officially say, don’t like her. Chloe Bailey is so G*ddamn lame. First of all, girl, you are Miss Preppy Ashley from the suburbs. Then you came out being all promiscuous, and now you’re trying to be a gangster. None of it is f*ckiung believable. And I’m probably gonna catch a lot of backlash for this, and without that makeup, she ain’t cute. She never should’ve shown up on that camera with that fat-a** face without no makeup, she ain’t cute. You’re not believable you’re so G*ddmn inauthentic that’s why your sh*t ain’t selling.”

Funky Dineva’s comments came on the heels of a video of Chloe Bailey defending her sister Halle Bailey against pregnancy rumors. Chloe condemned those spreading the rumor, which prompted the show’s controversial segment.

Halle Bailey sparked pregnancy rumors earlier this week when she appeared to be wearing loose-fitting clothing. Fans speculated the Little Mermaid actress might be hiding a pregnancy.

Chloe and Halle both seemed to respond to Funky Dineva’s mean comments on Twitter. “Lol people be so mad at your happiness. get help,” Chloe Bailey wrote. Halle Bailey then responded, “they need help immediately.”


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