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Executive producer Carlos King’s podcast Reality With The King is quickly becoming the go-to place to spill tea among the Real Housewives Of Atlanta girls. In a matter of a few hours, the Kenya Moore Carlos King interview has already racked up over 200K views on Youtube and gone viral on social media. Kenya Moore is the latest ‘RHOA’ veteran to sit down with the Kingdom Reign Entertainment CEO, following a juicy appearance by NeNe Leakes.

The “Gone With The Wind Fabulous” star is regarded as one of the housewives who revived the RHOA franchise in season five. She described her casting, on-screen accomplishments, and struggles as a housewife during the first part of their lengthy conversation. 

Moore, who, like King, is a Detroit native, described how she arrived in Atlanta to join the show in season five and how her relationship with the cast and producers developed in season six. She thinks she was so impactful because, unlike women joining legacy casts today, she was not a “fan” of the franchise. 

“I didn’t know these girls,” said Moore. “My interaction with them was genuine, and it was authentic, and whatever I saw, I called out because that’s just my personality.” 

She also expressed a belief that her time on the show has not been “valued” the way she thinks it should be. 

Find out seven things we learned from part one of the Keyna Moore Carlos King interview.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast once went on strike.  Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore were part of the production’s solution.

kenya moore, cynthia bailey, nene leakes, porsha williams real houdewives of atlanta

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Moore revealed that the reigning peachholders of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” went on strike in season five. She said they went on strike “against Kim.” 

Nene Leakes alleged that former housewife Kim Zolciak received special concessions during a previous episode of Reality With The King

“They came together, which I admire,” said Moore. “They did not like the way that Kim was receiving preferential treatment, so they banded together and were like we’re not gonna work this week.” 

Moore said that Porsha Williams was cast as a potential replacement for Kim after she stormed off-set. “They cast Porsha after Kim walked off,” she said. “They didn’t know what was going to be happening with Kim, and so Porsha was the replacement housewife.” 

Moore clarified that sharing this information was not a dig against her former colleague. “No shade to Porsha, I’m just saying how it happened,” she added. 

She explained that the casting process for previous seasons was more rigorous than what the cast goes through today. People were expected to participate in test filming prior to production committing to them. 

“You had to earn your right to be a Housewife of Atlanta,” explained Moore. 

“Girls are getting their contract before they even meet us! And so then it blows up when they do meet us, and they can’t keep up, and they’re not a good fit,” she continued. “We’ve seen it season after season; it doesn’t work!”  

According to the Kenya Moore Carlos King interview, Kenya thinks producers encouraged Porsha to attack her. 

Moore and Porsha Williams, who at the time was Porsha Stewart, continued to film during the strike because they were not official housewives. 

“That’s when they called me to come in to go to Porsha’s event,” said Moore. 

“We were born because they went on strike,” she said. “It was too non-housewives shooting a scene at the time. Unheard of.” 

The event was held in season five, episode three, “Call Me Miss U.S.A.” 

Williams and Moore clashed at the event after Williams mistakenly called Moore “Miss America” instead of “Miss U.S.A.” and brushed off the mishap. 

It was a shady and uncomfortable moment, but it was not explosive. 

Moore said Williams blew up at her after interacting with producers who “took her aside.” 

“She was polite at first. She came back, and then that’s when the insults started to fly,” said Moore. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 8

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The “white refrigerator” scene was filmed at a four-star hotel. 

Moore was a good sport about the infamous white refrigerator scene where Nene Leakes arrives at her temporary accommodations and is scandalized by the setup. 

“The fun stuff I can deal with,” she said, giggling with King about the sirens and other sounds in the background of the scene. 

“Literally, I’m in a four-star hotel,” she said. “I’m across from the Fox Theatre, two bedrooms.”

“You would think it was roaches and rats running around the sofa the way they made it. It was hilarious,” she added.  

Moore said she and Nene made “magical TV,” and she misses her being on the show. 

“She’s a force all on her own; you can’t take that away from her.”

According to the Kenya Moore Carlos King interview, Kenya “almost had a mental breakdown” after her first season aired. 

Moore was so distressed by the implication that she was tearing down young Black women on the show after the Bailey Agency casting call. 

“When it appeared that I was being mean or saying unflattering things about another Black young girl, that destroyed me. That is not who I am; that is not who I will ever be,” said Moore. 

“I didn’t answer my phone for a week. I almost had a mental breakdown.” 

She says producers punished her for marrying off-camera.  

Kenya Moore marc daly

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Moore claimed she was “denied” a spin-off series by producers. “I wanted a spin-off with my child having a baby, and I was denied that, and you know why,” she told King. 

He replied by asking if she was punished because she got married to Marc Daly off camera. “Of course,” she answered. 

Moore considers reality TV the marriage “kiss of death.” 

The reality television romance graveyard has more than a few coffins, including some belonging to Moore. 

“If I bring a man on this show, it’s like the kiss of death. It’s not going to work,” she said. 

She explained why she chose not to have a wedding special or get married on camera like other housewives, Teresa Guidice and Kandi Burruss. 

“I weighed what I needed first, and I needed to have a family before I needed a show,” she said. “As soon as I exposed him on the show, what happened? Divorce papers ensued. Rightfully so, but there is a rhythm to it.” 

She was adamant that despite her reluctance to publicize their relationship, the show was not the reason for her divorce. 

“Marc ruined our marriage,” she said. 

She studied psychology because she wanted to connect with her mother.  

Moore described the distressing relationship she had with her birth mother growing up to King. She claimed her mother oscillated between refusing to acknowledge her and outright psychologically attacking her. 

“That’s why I studied psychology because I wanted to find out what was wrong with my mother. It was my only passion in life at the time,” said Moore. “I wanted to know what would make a person look their own child in the face and say you are not mine. I never had you.” 

Their volatile interactions and the resulting emotional wounds Moore deals with have been targets for her fellow housewives. Marlo Hampton and Phaedra Parks have shaded her for not having a warm relationship with her mother. 


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