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I curse a lot. I admit that ending certain statements with an expletive often puts that certain umph to what I am saying. It adds emotion and sometimes grabs people’s attention in a way that you would otherwise not be able to. Cursing has become such a natural part of our society that the idea of someone not cursing is unheard of. Think about it. We consider them lame or outcasts.  How many adults do you know in your life that makes it a point to not utter a curse word? I cannot think of any right away. Some people curse so much that an expletive becomes one of the first words that their children utter.

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Not to mention that cursing has been around since the beginning of time. There were always some words used to vent and release tension. Research has found that curse words can relieve physical pain as well as activate emotional centers in the brain. This can lead one to believe that we need to curse on some level. We have some type of human desire to curse in order to relieve ourselves in some way.

With that being said, is there ever a time that a person can outgrow cursing? For instance,I’ve noticed that when people become elderly they often times become “Godly” as I like to refer to it and suddenly the things that they once did when they were much younger aren’t as appealing to them.  Suddenly they feel guilty or as if they are committing an ultimate sin against God by cursing so they resist the urge. I can recall my Grandmother saying words like “foot” and “shoot” in place of the much more colorful choices.

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Are curse words ever appropriate? The English language is filled with a plethora of words that we can use to express happiness as well as frustration. Are curse words really necessary?

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