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2023 NBA Draft Combine

Source: Stacy Revere / Getty

Come this Thursday, we’ll be two weeks away from the 2023 NBA Draft, and the debate about what the Hornets should do at #2 is only heating up. Scoot Henderson has limited his workouts to just two teams, the Hornets and Blazers, showing a level of confidence in himself that you almost have to admire. Meanwhile, Brandon Miller is going to work out for at least 12 teams, as his landing spot isn’t as known, given his off-the-court issues, and that’s something that even Charlotte themselves have to be aware of.

The Wes & Walker Show has been all over the NBA Draft, ever since the Hornets landed the #2 pick in the lottery a few weeks ago, with Walker Mehl on the Scoot Henderson wagon, while his co-host, Wes Bryant wants Brandon Miller in the purple and teal. Earlier today, Adam Finklestein, a college basketball insider for CBS Sports, and scouting director for 247Sports, joined the show to give his thoughts on what Charlotte should do in the Draft. When asked who they should pick between Henderson and Miller, Finklestein said “I think they should take whoever they think is the best long-term prospect, and not worry about the fit.” He explained that even if the player does or doesn’t fit alongside LaMelo Ball, all that will be remembered is that Charlotte missed on the #2 pick, something they, unfortunately, have a lot of experience in doing.

Finklestein did express his concerns with Scoot’s shot-making ability, something that has been noted, but given his all-around abilities on the basketball floor, has been somewhat overlooked for a guy being considered as a top-three selection in the Draft. He also sighted concerns about Scoot’s willingness to defend, something that is a non-negotiable when playing for Steve Clifford. Even with Finklesten expressing these concerns with Henderson, he would later admit that he thinks Henderson is a better overall prospect than Miller, and should be the pick, despite Miller being a better natural fit on the current Hornets roster.

As for Brandon Miller, even though FInklestein favors Henderson, he did make it known how impressive he was during his lone season at Alabama, as he helped guide the Crimson Tide, to the #1 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament, and a berth in the Sweet 16. Arguably the most worrisome comment he made about Miller, was that he does fit the mold for the type of players you typically see not pan out in the NBA. Given all of his catch-and-shoot capabilities, for a guy that draws many comparisons to Paul George when he came out of Fresno State, Miller lacks the explosiveness to consistently get by his man, and finish at the rim.

The Hornets will continue to do their homework on both prospects, as they evaluate who is the best overall fit for them at #2, knowing that how this draft pick works out, will determine the future of many players, coaches, and front office members across the entire organization.


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