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Barbeque Pulled Pork Sandwich with BBQ Sauce and Fries

Source: Brent Hofacker / Getty

When it comes to the Carolinas, barbecue is often the first thing that comes to mind. Whether you prefer Eastern, Lexington, or Carolina Gold style there’s a barbecue experience for everyone in this region.

Bid-On-Equipment released a list of the top 50 cities for barbecue lovers. Surprisingly, Atlanta claimed the number one spot overall, closely followed by Kansas City. The rankings took an unexpected turn with cities like Tampa, Minneapolis, and even Las Vegas making it into the top five barbecue cities in the United States.

Regarding the Carolinas, Raleigh took the lead at number 12 on the list, while Charlotte secured the 22nd position. Surprisingly, no cities from South Carolina made it into the top 50.

While these rankings may raise a few eyebrows among barbecue enthusiasts, it’s important to remember that taste and preference can vary greatly.

So, whether you agree or not, the Carolinas still offers a diverse and delicious barbecue scene that caters to different palates and traditions.