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Source: Matt Cardy / Getty

Nissan is recalling over 800,000 small SUVs located in the US and Canada due to an issue related to the folding key that may cause the engine to shut off when the vehicle is being driven.

This recall affects the 2014 – 2020 model year Rogues as well as the 2017-2022 model year Rogue Sports.

The issue arises when the key isn’t fully open and a driver touches the fob, inadvertently turning off the engine. This can lead to a loss of engine power, and power brakes and the airbags may not inflate in the event of a crash. Fortunately, Nissan has not yet heard of any crashes or injuries caused by the problem.

Owners will be notified in March with an interim letter advising them to not attach any extra items to the key ring and a second letter with instructions on how to get their vehicle repaired.

This recall comes shortly after Nissan’s announcement to recall over 463,000 older vehicles due to the emblem on the steering wheel potentially becoming loose when the airbag is deployed, potentially causing injury to drivers.

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