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VIA NewsOne

It’s been two years of writing and editing for this here site, for me. Together, we’ve traversed the often-treacherous mine-field that is politics, racism, pop culture and the foggy bottom where they all intersect. Through our coverage of blood-curdling domestic violence, the never-ending dramas of our beloved athletes, the heartbreaking tragedies befalling our most well-respected icons, as well as the good news, the achievements and successes, I hope that I have had a hand in informing you of the news designed for you, the news that others ignore.

While there is a lot of sobering news for us all to consider about our health, our education, our youth, our PRESIDENT and our future in this nation and in this world, I want to leave you with a little bit of reverie for my last post.

I hope you enjoy my take on the top newsmakers this minute and why I personally think they should be punched in the face.

[Disclaimer: The “punching in the face” is purely figurative! This writer, NewsOne and its affiliates do not condone violence of ANY kind toward anyone or anything. Please do not take this as license to go around punching all that infuriates you.]

1. Mel Gibson

I don’t think you can be any bigger than Mel right now. Dude’s gone and said a bunch of craziness to his girl and we all have to hear it. Maybe that’s what he was going for when he went on a series of wild, racist rants but really I just feel like a damn 6-year-old watching mommy and daddy fight while I hide at the top of the stairs. *GROAN* Mel, get some Xanax, take a nap, drink a juice. Also, I think a solid right-hook into your chin might do you some good.

Read the entire list here.