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This week’s episode of “Abbott Elementary” is dedicated to Lisa Ann Walter, who nails her role as Melissa Schemmenti. Fans caught a closer look inside Melissa’s personal life in the latest episode where she invites Janine over to teach her few things in the kitchen. Now, fans are discovering how key Walter is to the cast and appreciating some of her past works.

On Season 2 Episode 4, Gregory discovers that the kids actually enjoy spending supposed “disciplinary” time with Principal Ava after sending a disruptive student to the Principal’s office. This moment is the inspiration behind the title of this week’s episode, but the real meat of the show this week stemmed from Melissa’s invite to Janine. While the Abbott teachers were taking their lunch break, Melissa noticed Janine making a “prison meal” with ramen noodles and peanut butter. Melissa then extended an invite over to her house to teach her how to make an affordable and delicious meal.

Naturally, Janine obliged and Jacob invited himself over. These two couldn’t just settle with Melissa’s kind gesture and invitation into her home. Instead, they decided that they would attempt to fix her relationship with her sister Kristin (Lauren Weedman), who we met for the first time in the last episode.

It was fun for fans to see a more vulnerable side to Walter’s character, who’s a headstrong, independent, and fierce Italian second grade teacher. We saw her open up about becoming the primary caretaker for her Nana when she got sick, and even revealing how angry she was with her sister for leaving the family high and dry.

The scene at the end where Melissa is downing red wine and reminiscing on the “good” times with her sister.

Fans are discovering Walter’s knack for acting. The Silver Spring, Maryland born actress and producer is best known for her work in the 1998 remake of “The Parent Trap,” “Bruce Almighty,” “Shall We Dance” and now, ABC’s beloved comedy “Abbott Elementary.”

Fans believe this week’s episode lends a nod to her role in “The Parent Trap.”

In the 1998 film starring Lindsay Lohan, Walter plays Chessy, who is Nick Parker’s beloved housekeeper. Her supporting role in the movie left a permanent imprint on the minds of “The Parent Trap” fans.

Aside from Melissa completely dominating this week’s episode, here are a few other “Abbott Elementary” moments and fan reactions we loved  this week:


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