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They say Rihanna got in touch with Chris Brown after watching him cry on the BET Awards.

Witness: “Chris Brown Used Eye Drops To ‘Cry’ At BET Awards!”

MTV UK quotes a source from Heat Magazine saying,

“It’s been almost a year since they last spoke, but Rihanna felt like she could try to be friends with Chris again.”

“Seeing how emotional he was on set [at the BET Awards] really touched her. She’d never seen him like that before.”

“Chris told her that he felt like he’s grown up in the past year. He’s said he’s so happy to be back in touch with her.”

“They were each other’s first love and he’s missed her so much. Rihanna knows that if she wanted him back, he’d be there in a second.”

The couple are said to have exchanged a few text messages, since their telephone conversation with a pal of RiRi’s, claiming she is keen to meet Brown face-to-face.

Despite being allegedly in contact with the I Can Transform Ya’ singer again, the pair have not been in touch since Brown was sentenced to 180 days of community labour and given five years probation for attacking Rihanna. SOURCE

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