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Empty classroom in a elementary school..

Source: pidjoe / Getty

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools are preparing to welcome almost 140,000 kids on the first day of school starting Monday.

District-wide,  370 positions are open for classroom teachers, according to CMS.

Queen City News found that some high schools had as many as 18 vacancies in a single location. These are the schools with the most openings.

With few teacher openings, West Charlotte High School will begin classes in its brand-new school.

“We do have four clear vacancies at West Charlotte, but we have several qualified guest teachers to fill in, so we’re really ready for our scholars for the first day of school,” said Orlando Robinson, principal at West Charlotte High School.

Additionally, the district employs more than 400 guest teachers, with several openings currently.

Guest instructors are more permanent than subs in that they work full-time and receive benefits.

However, guest teachers are not required to have a degree or teaching certification.

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