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Elaine Hendrix takes it back to one of her most iconic film characters. Her viral TikTok has fans wondering if The Parent Trap’s Meredith Blake was the real villain. Check out the video celebrating the film’s 24th anniversary below.

Hendrix posted a TikTok to her personal account on July 21, which marked the 24th anniversary of the film’s 1998 release. She joins the social media platform’s latest trend “He’s a 10 but.” In the video, The Parent Trap star pours herself a glass of wine while sharing her own rendition.

Elaine indulges in her glass of red wine, when text appears on the screen reading, “He’s a 10 but . . . He had twins he separated at birth when he broke up with their mother and didn’t tell you about it until the twins discovered each other at camp and swapped places to try and get their parents back together. And you not so accidentally run into all of them at the same hotel right before your wedding, so you go on a camping trip to get to know one another, but you’re not a nature girl and the twins know it.”

Hendrix’s captions continues, “So the little brats put rocks in your backpack, a lizard on your head, sugar water in your mosquito repellent and push your air mattress into the lake while you’re sleeping. So you lose your sh*t.” Finishing up her character’s storyline, Hendrix — who has gone on to appear in projects like “Dynasty” — writes, “You’ve never looked back.” In the caption, the actor wrote, “Happy 24th Anniversary.”

The Parent Trap, starring Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid, Natasha Richardson and Abbott Elementary’s Lisa Ann Walter, is the reimagining of the original 1961 film where twins Annie and Hallie are strangers until happenstance unites them. In the movie, Hendrix plays Meridith, who’s the 24-year-old publicist working with Nick Parker (Quaid) on promoting his vineyard when she begins to romance him. Meanwhile, Nick’s scheming twins have other plans to ruin their budding engagement.

If fans look closely to the TikTok video, the wine’s label reads “Parkers,” which is a nod to Nick’s fictionl winery Parker Knoll in the film.

The cast of the film reunited to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of its release in 2020. Lohan, Quaid, Hendrix, Walter, Simon Kunz, and director Nancy Meyers participated in a virtual call with Katie Couric to reminisce about making the movie.

During the reunion, Hendrix discussed reframing Meredith’s character and her behavior.

She said, “At the time, yes, she was a nightmare. But, Meredith has really come around now! Like, there’s a whole generation who thinks Meredith is like, #goals.”

Check out Elaine Hendrix’s TikTok video celebrating The Parent Trap below:

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