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Everyone loves eating, and everyone loves being outside: So why not combine the two?  Pack your foods and pick your favorite place in the park to enjoy fine dining while soaking up the sun!

What’s better than laying out in the sun looking at beautiful scenery? Laying out in the sun looking at beautiful scenery while eating your favorite sandwich, of course! Picnics can be fun with your friends, family, or significant other.  Ask everyone to bring their favorite dish and turn it into a potluck picnic!

But don’t forget about the most important part: the entertainment.  Games are essential, whether it’s a frisbee, board games, or some chalk to come up with something new.  Throw some portable speakers into the mix and you’re golden.

One of my favorite picnic spots is a park with a pond.  Not only do you have a breathtaking view, but you can feed the ducks your leftovers.

Need an idea for a last minute, cheap, and yet still romantic date? For with the picnic.  Add some candles into the mix.  Try to pick a spot that is meaningful to you and your guy.  You don’t always need a restaurant and high heels to have a romantic night.  Make his favorite meal just how he likes it: to go.  Share his favorite bottle of wine to add some more playfulness to your picnic.  Don’t forget a comfy blanket with some pillows!

Do you have any other ideas to make a picnic more than just a meal outside?

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