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Kevin Durant Jumps In Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless Beef

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Of course, Kevin Durant put his Twitter fingers to use and inserted himself into the sports debate show kerfuffle between Stephen A. Smith and his former First Take co-host Skip Bayless.

Kevin Durant Is Such A Troll

Easy Money Sniper, aka, Kevin Durant didn’t miss his chance to take a swipe at both Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless, two sports talking heads he could care less about.

To bring everyone up to speed, Skip Bayless called out his “brother” Stephen A. Smith on a recent episode of his Fox Sports podcast. Bayless took offense to Smith’s comments he made on JJ Redick’s The Old Man and the Three podcast. Smith claims Skip Bayless approached him in a garage and begged him to join the show.

Bayless felt he was “betrayed” calling Smith’s comments “recklessly inaccurate” and a “shocking fabrication.” Bayless also called CAP on Smith’s claims about the ratings being bad, stating First Take’s ratings were excellent before Smith arrived.

Kevin Durant, who has been very active on Twitter, decided to chime in and hilariously tweeted, “Sources say somebody is lyin. Stay tuned.”

Smith has since responded by dropping a statement via Apple’s Notes App. The face of ESPN admitted that Bayless “made ‘First Take” and that he owed his success to his brother Skip. Smith doubled down on the statements he initially made claiming he “didn’t lie about a damn thing.”

“My comments about the state of First Take at the time is what I was told,” Smith writes. “It certainly wasn’t meant to slight my brother. I would never intentionally do that. The only sad part about that portion of this is that he appears to not know that…… despite my consistent commentary over the year regarding how much he means to me.”

Smith also pointed out that he would speak with Bayless privately. Damn, we were hoping he would say something on First Take.

Photo: Elsa / Getty

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