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African American man calling for help after vehicle breakdown on the street.

Source: skynesher / Getty

Believe it or not, your bills are not the only thing impacted by the heat.

As the Charlotte area continues to experience higher-than-normal temperatures, it is important to know how this can impact your car. 

Rozel Tolliver, the owner of Auto Shop of the Carolinas, said the shop is getting more business than usual during the heat wave.

“Anytime we are dealing with extreme temperatures in any direction, but especially in the heat, it can affect different things in your vehicle,” Tolliver said.

Common repairs that Tolliver is seeing include tire blowouts, overheated cars, air conditioning issues, and dead batteries.

“The heat basically builds up inside of the battery and creates an evaporative effect. Once it loses that fluid inside it basically damages the battery internally,” Tolliver explained. 

Drivers should also know the signs of overheating:

  • The temperature light or gauge turns on
  • Steam rising from the hood
  • A bubbling sound similar to a boiling pot of water

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