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Airline Industry Continues To Be Economically Devastated By Coronavirus Pandemic

Source: Sandy Huffaker / Getty

With summer right around the corner, many travelers are already making flight arrangements. Be aware that experts warn travelers not to rule out long lines and flight cancellations during their summer travel.

More travelers and staffing shortages could potentially create more issues at the airport.

Over 2,500 flights across the US were canceled during the Memorial Day weekend.

“There’s been some turnover in the airline industry, so they originally had these grand ideas for what they thought the summer would be like and now they don’t have the bodies to kind of fulfill those needs, so some airlines like Delta and Southwest have been trimming routes,” said Lousson Smith with travel company Scott’s Cheap Flights.

The TSA reported that wait times were longer than usual at Charlotte Douglas Tuesday morning after many TSA officers called out sick.

Experts advise travelers to give themselves an extra 30 minutes at the airport.

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