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‘Bridgerton’ Actresses Polly Walker And Bessie Carter Reveal Which Characters They’d Gossip About If They Were Lady Whistledown!

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The Featheringtons might not be the most popular family on ‘Bridgerton,’ but they certainly know how to have fun.

Bridgerton Season 2 Episodic Stills

Source: Liam Daniel / Netflix

Global Grind’s Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden chatted it up with Polly Walker (Portia Featherington) and Bessie Carter (Prudence Featherington) before ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 premiered. We had a chance to ask how the whole Featherington household is still in the dark about Penelope’s secret second life as a gossip columnist, and also got the ladies to dish about who THEY would love to spread some rumors about if they were Lady Whistledown. We also got some insight from Polly Walker about whether her meddling is more for her daughters’ sakes or her own.

When it comes to Penelope’s secret scribe status, the Featheringtons are kept clueless because they’re simply too caught up in their own lives, the actresses claimed.

“We’re very busy with. other things,” Polly Walker told Global Grind. “Trying to find some money, trying to get some dresses, trying to get married, trying to get invited to balls. Penelope is way down on the list of things to worry about.”

“I don’t even consider what she’s doing in her spare time,” Bessie Carter told Global Grind. “She’s not my playmate! I’ve got Phillipa and she’s my playmate. And she’s the baby of the family so she can keep reading her books over there. I don’t even think I take notice.”

“It’s a slight concern for me, her book reading,” Polly Walker told Global Grind. “I think it’s slightly worrying but I kind of leave her to her own devices.”

After asking Ruth Gemmell and Adjoa Andoh about the part meddling moms play in Season 2 of ‘Bridgerton,’ we had to know Polly Walker’s thoughts on the lengths that Lady Featherington goes to when it comes to getting her daughter’s hitched.

“I think it’s got nothing to do with her own status,” Polly Walker told Global Grind. “I think she’s trying to secure her daughter’s futures and therein lies her security. If she gets her daughters married well, then she’s been a good mother. That’s her role. Then she knows she’s done her job. That’s why she was put on earth. ‘Get my daughter’s nice rich husbands.’”

Bridgerton Season 2 Episodic Stills

Source: Liam Daniel / Netflix

As we said from the beginning — the Featheringtons are a huge source of FUN and funny for ‘Bridgerton’ fans and both Walker and Carter acknowledged how much fun they had bringing a comedic side to the period program.

“We had a lot of fun didn’t we?” Polly Walker asked Bessie Carter.

“Yeah and it’s nice to be given a scene when you as the actor know okay, this is funny and hopefully it’s meant to be funny and then it’s nice to find the seriousness since of course we as the characters don’t think we’re funny and we don’t think the scenario is funny,” Bessie Carter added. “The pleasure that I find is — if I was to watch ‘Bridgerton’ and I wasn’t in it, I’d want to be Prudence, I’d want to be us, in our family, because I think it’s important to have those moments of comic relief, and not to be farcical but to be grounded in truth, and lean into hopefully making people smile.’

‘I think you need that as well,’ Polly Walker agreed. “Amongst the romance and stuff you also need to have a smile.”

Speaking of smiling. We couldn’t help having a few laughs after we asked Polly and Bessie about who would end up in Lady Whistledown’s pages if they were the ones gossiping!

“I was going to say Prudence,” Bessie Carter told Global Grind. “She’d love that.”

“I’d have to go for Lady Cowper, because I HATE her,” Polly Walker said. “Also Lady Bridgerton.”

“Yeah,” Bessie Carter chimed in agreement.

“She’s just too nice — good,” the actresses answered in unison!

“I’m going to pick someone more interesting then,” Bessie added. “Hmmm, who would I go for? Hmmm, maybe Eloise. Because Eloise is to all the other women like ‘Wow’. This young woman is defying everything that we just think we have to do. Eloise is so brilliantly outspoken and her own person that I’d probably be quite envious of that so I’d probably want to slander her a little bit.”

Wow. Are you at all surprised? Can you imagine the SCANDAL if Lady Bridgerton was in Lady Whistledown’s papers?!

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