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Bel-Air episode 110 "Where To?" stills from Peacock drama

Source: Tyler Golden / Peacock

Peacock’s hit drama series Bel-Air reached its Season 1 finale last week, and the discourse continues. Fans are praising Jabari Banks, who portrays Will in the show, for his stellar acting chops. The young actor reveals something most fans didn’t know about the scene with Will and his estranged father Lou, played by Marlon Wayans.

One Twitter user @westsiriss, shared a clip from the finale episode saying, “one thing about Jabari is he’s gonna act down in every scene he’s in #BelAir.” The viral tweet garnered over 5k retweets and 30k likes since it was posted on Mar. 31.

Banks retweeted the post on his personal account saying, “Fun fact..about 60% of this scene was improvised.”

This was news to many fans across social media but frankly, it makes sense. Fans who have been following Bel-Air could recognize how real this scene felt when Will was finally face to face with his estranged father, Lou. What choice did Banks really have but to act down when he was met with a phenomenal talent like Marlon Wayans.

Bel-Air episode 110 "Where To?" stills from Peacock drama

Source: Peacock / Peacock

This Banks’ breakout role, and he is showing the industry that he is here to stay. The 23-year-old Bel-Air star was handpicked by Will Smith to portray his famed Fresh Prince of Bel-Air character in the reboot series, which, to many fans surprise, is a completely fresh story.

Banks is doing the work, and we expect to see him in many more projects in the future. Peacock’s groundbreaking series Bel-Air has also already been renewed for its second season.

Be sure to stay tuned for updates from the series and its cast members. Shout out to superstar, Jabari Banks!

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