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Rep. Cynthia Johnson and Rep. Sarah Anthony

Source: screenshot / iOne Digital

It seems like every week there’s a new Karen story to talk about. You would think once BET makes a movie about your absurdity, that would be enough to make you see the light–I was wrong.

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A Batavia, Ohio white woman is facing serious prison time after she threatened several state Representatives through voicemail.

An investigation by Michigan State Police found that Sandra Bachman left racist and life-threatening voicemails to Michigan state Representatives Cynthia Johnson and Sarah Anthony. Both of which are Black women and Democrats.

Court documents show that Bachman was charged with one count of false report or threat of terrorism, one count of ethnic intimidation, and two counts of telecommunications services–malicious use. If convicted of all charges, Bachman could face up to more than 22 years in prison.

The messages Bachman left for the representatives were repulsive and disgusting.

Authorities say in May 2021 Bachman left a voicemail for Rep. Sarah Anthony saying,

“Hay um, need to cancel that bill against the vets, you little traitor. And, um, you won’t see the bullet coming, let me tell you that. So, stop this sh*t and you’re fired. We’ll be coming to Michigan soon to remove you from your post.” 

In June 2021, Bachman left a message for Rep.  Cynthia Johnson saying,

“Well, baby-doll, n***a lip b***h, monkey, we are going to get you. You will die. You are one of the worst offenders. We actually have a tier too, in like points for how much you are worth once we kill you…. You’re going to die and I’m happy about it. The whole world will be rejoicing, just know that. Sleep well.” 

After announcing the charges, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel stated crimes like these, even though committed through mobile devices, would not go unpunished.

“This rise in threats against elected officials will not be tolerated,” said Nessel in a statement. “Those who think hiding behind a phone or keyboard will prevent them from facing criminal charges are severely mistaken.

Bachman is set to appear in court on March 31.


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