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You would think the ‘Karen’s’ and ‘Karl’s’ of the world would learn something with all the arrests and lawsuits that come behind cell phone videos that go viral.  But nope, they still haven’t learned anything about racism and they even still think what they are doing will stay in the dark.  But you know that saying what’s done in the dark WILL come to light.  And that’s exactly what happened when a LHH reality star/wife of rapper Waka Floka, Tammy Rivera went into a CVS drug store and they decided to give her that, follow her she might be stealing treatment.

35 year old Tammy Rivera made a run to a CVS drug store in the ATL Sunday to pickup some hair products when an employee, who clearly doesn’t watch Love and Hip Hop but decided closely watch Tammy Rivera while she shopped in the store, and then spoke to her disrespectfully as she opened a product she was purchasing.  So Tammy Rivera did what is popular today, popped out her celly and record her displeasure and wrong treatment for her millions of followers.  With millions of followers it didn’t take long for the incident to go viral.

“I want to be treated fairly and I’m a human being. I don’t think I look better than everybody else,” … “I’m a regular person and I don’t expect to be treated with special privileges.”… “I believe that you should greet the janitor with the same respect you give to the CEO.”…“Treat everybody fairly. You sat there and you racially profiled me.”

Tammy Rivera being the bigger person also said she didn’t want the employee to be fired but to receive some training.

Of course CVS caught wind of the viral video and had this to say about the incident:  CVS has a “firm non-discrimination policy” and ensures that all customers are “treated with respect and are offered courteous customer service.” The company will also be launching an investigation into the matter.

Take a look at the video below.

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