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Radio One will be hosting a live remote on the Union Home Mortgage Plaza at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame from 4-6 p.m. that day, and will lead a Cleveland rendition of the popular line dance, the “Trans-Europe Express.” This live event will be hosted by none other than Cleveland legend and 93.1 mid-day host, Sam Sylk. The music to this iconic line dance was created by Kraftwerk, a German band who established the blueprint for modern electronic music and has been sampled widely by artists from another 2021 Inductee JAY-Z to Coldplay and has influenced others like Depeche ModeU2, and Kanye West, are being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at the 36th Annual Induction Ceremony in Cleveland on Oct. 30.

Sounds fun, right?  But do you know how to do the ‘Trans-Europe Express’ Line Dance?  No?…Don’t remember?  We got you.

1..2..3..4….Here we go ♫ (scroll)


  1. Kick with Right foot, Left Foot, Right Foot
  2. Two Stomps with your Left Foot
  3. One Stomp with your Right Foot
  4. Pivot back and towards the right
  5. One step with left foot
  6. Three steps backwards starting with your left foot
  7. Three steps to the right
  8. Three steps to the left
  9. Repeat the sequence until you have turned to all four sides

You got it?  We will see along with Sam Sylk with DJ One Plus Two’s on the 1’s and 2’s Sunday.  For those of us who need a visual check out the videos below for beginners and for those who might want to be a little more fancy and advanced.  SEE YOU SUNDAY!!

Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star

Source: Radio One Digital

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