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Social Media is a breading ground for challenges that may has started off as good old fashion fun but dangerous enough to where someone can get possibly hurt. Unfortunately we are a society that laughs at someone else’s pain when viewing some of these ridicules challenges that can land people in the hospital and the newest one the ‘Crate Challenge’ is sending people to the hospital with bruises, concussions and broken bones. However 3 people were killed recently during a filming of a ‘crate challenge‘ but their deaths were not funny at all nor were they killed by falling off the pyramid of milk crates that they were trying to walk up then come down, they were killed when someone decided to open fire on some people that were just trying to have some fun then post it to TikTok.

A shooting reportedly took place on August 22 outside of Linwood Public Charter School in Shreveport, Louisiana when gun fire erupted from a drive by.  A news source reported that more than two dozen crime scene evidence markers could be seen in the street that left 3 people which included a 19 year old woman dead.  Two people were shot outside of the school. First responders found Paris King shot dead on the back seat of a car on the scene.

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3 Killed While Filming a ‘Crate Challenge’ Video  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com