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With the BET awards happening this Sunday, HB was given the opportunity to talk to Lynne Harris Taylor, the executive producer of the show. She talks about what she’s excited about, what’s different about the show this year, and her role in it:

What about Queen Latifah is going to make her a good host for the BET awards?

Oh, wow.  Queen Latifah is… she is phenomenal in so many different ways.  She is a singer, actress, model, and a spokesperson for women.  She is so well rounded that you can pretty much place Queen Latifah anywhere and she is going to come out on top.  She is personable and beautiful.  She is not only hosting the show, but she is a part of what we are doing.  We didn’t just ask her, “can you host the show?”  She IS the show.  She is everything that we are about here.  She is going to be amazing.

Yeah! Hello Beautiful is an African American online woman’s guide, so we encourage everything that Queen Latifah is about.

It seems like Music Matters is a wonderful way for BET to look into the future: I was wondering what exactly you were hoping would come out of it?

I think that music has had quite a bit of a struggle lately, especially hip hop.  A lot of the time, most of the top tier artists, the A-list artists, are the ones that people know about and follow.  Yet, there are so many other talented musical artists out there.  What we are trying to do is focus on music and how important music is as a whole.  There are so many amazingly talented people that haven’t made it to the top yet.  Our effort is to reach out to these people and bring them to the front.  This should be an ongoing initiative that we are starting.  We hope to have more events to bring unknown talent out to the public to help people understand how important music is.  It is a great opportunity to find potential.

It’s obvious that Michael Jackson’s death had a big impact on last year’s show with the emotional memorial.  What do you think will be the impact of his death anniversary this year?

We definitely have a tribute to Michael Jackson on this year’s show.  It was such a horrible experience last year that the entire world went through.  I remember we were here, 2 days before the BET awards show.  We were in a great place with the show planned out, and all of a sudden we hear that Michael Jackson died.  I thought it was a rumor at first.  Once it was confirmed, it was like a wave that went over the entire office, through the whole venue.  We were in shock.  There was no way that we could not make our show about Michael Jackson: he’s our icon. We are definitely going to have a tribute to him and his family this year to remember him and his music.

It seems like you are going to have a lot of digital exclusives and have more ways for the public to get involved online.  What are you hoping comes out of this?

There is so much good that you can do.  Of course, our show is focused on music celebration.  But there is much more you can do when you have so many eyes on you.  So in addition to Music Matters, we are going to do Shine A Light: we are selecting three local heroes that are doing remarkable things in their communities.  We are shining a light on them to celebrate what they are doing and to encourage other people to make a difference no matter what.  Anything that you do is something and is needed.  We have an exclusive performance that will not be shown anywhere except for on  This will take place between the pre-show and the beginning of the BET awards show.  We have a 360 camera that will be on the red carpet this year to highlight the fashionista in everyone that comes. We have a special fashion show that will air the day after the BET awards for the first time ever.

What is it like being a female in the spotlight?  What advice do you have for young girls who are passionate about production and music?

I think the main thing that I have learned through all of this is that when you are on the outside and you are looking at people who work with celebrities and you think you aren’t equipped to do it, none of that matters.  Of course education matters, but if you don’t have everything available to you, be persistent.  Be persistent and patient with your dreams.  Every step that you can make towards your dreams is really important.  Be yourself and work on communication skills.  If I can communicate with someone, the rest is easy.  When I decided that I want to work on television, I would write down the names of everyone in the credits.  I wrote them all a letter and told them what I want to do.  Be persistent and there is always a way to get to your dreams.  Take every opportunity that you can get, even if it’s local.  Meet everyone possible and get involved whenever you can.  Don’t wait. Start wherever you can.  Start pursuing your passions where you are, not where you want to be.  That passion will take you where you want to be.

You are obviously very busy with lots of opportunities.  What impact does your profession have on your personal life?

SIGH. I have gotten better with it.  I’m married with three children.  It takes a lot of organization.  I need to be out of town for maybe 12-14 weeks out of the year.  Planning is the main thing that has helped me.  When I know that I have to be out of town, my husband and I plan everything together.  Sometimes I bring them with me: we will budget it accordingly.  It’s hectic, but as long as you’re willing to work it out then it is worth it.  You don’t want your children to suffer because of your career.  You want your kids to see their parents doing what they love, so that they can be inspired to do what THEY love.  It takes a lot of coordination but we work it out.  I have a great support system.

We hope that this gets you more excited for the show on Sunday! Keep an eye out for the Hello Beautiful Range Rover that will be roaming around during the awards! What are you most excited for? Fill us in.

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