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‘English’ has come a long way from her early days in the projects. She’s sipped tea with the Queen, fought wars, signed treaties, loved, hated, mated, and passed her wise words from generation to generation. But lately English has gotten nasty.

The girl’s been everywhere on those online blog things, talking trash about other women and showing her true colors. And on top of that she hasn’t been seen in public in days because now it all comes out online. Nobody knows if they can trust her, while others don’t even recognize her anymore.

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Blogs are English’s latest project. She’s been writing a lot of them lately. She uses her talents to obscure the names of the people she disses but everyone in her circle knows who she’s talking about.

Last week she wrote some pretty nasty words about her best friend. Everyone who saw the blog was deeply offended. An explosion of hits and nasty blog comments appeared on her site.

English was in digital heaven with the explosive responses her followers, but it still wasn’t enough. She was hungry for more.

The ‘lady of the net’ proceeded to enter the blogs of other sisters. Even though, in her own comments she capitalized every second letter and replaced ‘A’s with ‘@’s, she viciously attacked those who made minimal spelling mistakes and misused words.

Like online hit-and-run she dissed out some nasty comments directed at other girls who had commented on the same posts and hit up another online playground.

She went on to that site where you can publicly grade your former lovers and listed all her ex boyfriends. Suffice to say that she gave them all ‘B’s and totally played on HelloBeautiful’s suggestion in…

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… that not all brothers are well endowed.

Her biggest problem now is that nobody wants to speak to her in person. She hides behind the walls of these not-so-social networks, losing herself more and more in the nastiness of the online world.

Can she save herself? The question remains.

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