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Former Davdison College student and Republican Lenny McAllister doesn’t believe race played any part in General Stanley McChrystal’s comments–quoted in the upcoming edition of Rolling Stone.

According to McAllister, the comments and actions of McChrystal represent “a lack of American pride and decorum.” McAlister says it is a sign that American is “losing the good sense of patriotism and duty that made this nation strong and prosperous as the envy of the world.”

Further, McAllister points out that this trend has been growing for some time and it started long before President Obama came to the Oval office.

“The failure to respect authority and acquiesce to the chain of command has gone on for decades now. It not only involves dissension coming from within our military toward the White House, but also from our commanders in chief toward the American people. The freedom to speak up whenever we desire without any moral restraint to temper those comments creates a slippery slope down which a society of liberty can lose its footing.”

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