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Corinne Foxx is more than just a pretty face. Between being the host of Beat Shazam alongside her iconic father Jamie Foxx and producing Netflix’s Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me! series starring her father and Kyla-Drew based on her own life experiences, Foxx is a boss babe and multihyphenate who keeps her mental health as a priority. During our mental health at the beginning of our Zoom call, she revealed that she’s fully vaccinated and feeling hopeful about the “light at the end of the tunnel” after a really rough year.

“All I can do is share my story. That’s the only thing I can give to people. When you share your story, it opens the floodgates for so many other people,” said the 27-year-old actress and model about destigmatizing mental health. “I feel like that’s what I needed when I was 14 and I got diagnosed. I just wanted somebody that looked like me to say, ‘Hey, everything’s going to be okay’.”

HelloBeautiful caught up with the 47 Meters Down: Uncaged star about her mental health, teaching her boyfriend about the importance of skincare and beauty advice she would give her younger and older self.

On balancing her mental health as a multi hyphenated creative: 

I work with NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) [and] mental health has been my thing for a long time. I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder when I was 14. I’ve been really prioritizing my mental health. In terms of my creative processes, I recently had to get a life coach. I go to therapy all the time, but I had this woman [who] comes in and looks at all my creative projects. She gives me deadlines. She’s like, “Corinne, you’re going to finish writing this on this day.” I need that because I will get lost in the creativity, but then I’ll put it down and I’ll never finish it.

On keeping her wellness and mindfulness in check:

I actually have this note on my phone that I wrote in 2016, and it’s Corinne’s Guide to Wellness – meditation, going to therapy, journaling, seeing friends. I basically wrote down all of the practices that I’ve learned over the years and have really helped me. Honestly, [meditation] changed my life, changed my brain. I started really thinking of socializing as a treatment plan because when you’re sometimes deep in it, you don’t want to see anybody. When you’re in a funk, you forget everything. All your coping mechanisms go out the window so I needed to have a note on my phone.

On making time for her beauty regimen:

It’s not that extensive. I’m just making sure in the morning I’m washing my face and using a vitamin C serum [and] sunscreen. At night, I do same the thing and I add a retinol in there. I like to experiment with creams. I get a lot of free stuff and I’ll just put it on, see what happens. 

On putting her boyfriend onto the skincare game:

I’ve been trying to tell my boyfriend, you got to work. They don’t have to wash your face or anything. I don’t know why. I don’t know if my boyfriend’s ever washed his face, and he’s never going to have a blemish. I’ve told him, “Babe, you’ve got to wear sunscreen at least. You can’t age all crazy on me.” If I miss a step, forget it; I’m going to break out. I started to get him to wash his face and he was like, “Can you show me how to do it? Do I put the soap on first or the water”? I said, “I can’t. Why do we try?”

On how her beauty routine changed during quarantine:

The one thing that didn’t change that I was really religious about, even though we were inside, I wore sunscreen. I read this article about this truck driver who was driving and even though he was inside, the one side of his face that got sun was so much more aged than the other. I experimented a lot more in quarantine. I actually grew out my natural hair during a quarantine, and that was a whole process in itself. Everybody just experimented. We all were like, “Okay, I’m going to do the thing that I could never do in real life. I’m just going to do it now, and if I don’t like it, I’m not going to see anyone for six more months. So who cares?”

On the best beauty or style advice she ever received:

I had a conversation with Cameron Diaz about fashion. Her approach is very similar to mine. She was like, “I never wore anything that didn’t feel like me.” She told me this story as she did this red carpet event, she had this bracelet on and she was like, “That bracelet I’m wearing is from Target. It’s $20, but that bracelet felt like me.” If you’re going to these big red carpet events, you’re already uncomfortable. You’re already feeling fake. 

She said, “If I can have one thing that makes me feel like I’m still me and I’m still grounded, it feels like almost a spiritual practice.” I loved that piece of advice to have little pieces that feel like you because I love to get dressed up, but I can feel uncomfortable when I’m too made up. It doesn’t matter what they’re worth and just not getting lost in the fashion and design of it all.

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On the worst piece of beauty/style advice she ever received:

I’ll tell you right now – my father. It’s not even advice. Sometimes with his fashion choices, I’m like, “What’s happening here?” At one point, he was wearing these suits that were velvet, purple and had little weird patches on it. I had to be like, “We can’t go out like that. You just can’t do it.”

On her biggest fashion regrets:

You know what’s really unfortunate? It was a blessing. I grew up on the red carpet but because of that, you have an awkward phase when you’re 10, 11, 12. You hope nobody can find those photos, but all my photos are on the internet. I wore Ugg boots to the Kids’ Choice Awards, I was probably 12, and I thought I looked really good. I did not look good.

On the pressures of being on-camera for Beat Shazam:

It definitely doesn’t never bother me. Specifically at Beat Shazam, it feels like you’re at a big party. It doesn’t feel as cold and rigid. I’m having fun the whole time, but I think it is a big job . I have to know a lot of parts of the gameplay, and I think I struggle with the nerves of it. I still get nervous to be on stage. It’s funny because I did live in-front of a studio audience, Good Times with Viola Davis, who is arguably one of the best actresses of all time. Even she got nervous right before we went out and I was like, “This is normal. Everybody gets nervous, even the best of the best. That just shows that you care.”

On style advice she would give young Corinne:

Burn your Ugg boots. Don’t tweeze your eyebrows so much; you’re going to want them later. I’m currently trying to get the eyebrows I had when I was 12-years-old again because I went through a phase where I over plucked them. Another piece of beauty advice I would say because my natural hair is this thing that’s just happening, don’t be afraid to try styles that are out of your comfort zone. I think I stayed in my comfort zone for so long, and I wish I had just broken out of it sooner.

On life advice she would tell her older self to stick with:

If I had to tell my older self something, in terms of work, I hope I feel as excited and passionate about things that I’m doing, and I am not chasing just financial goals, but most of my life’s purpose. In terms of beauty, I hope I have not straightened my hair by then. Please keep up the curls, Corrine. We can do it. You’re going to be discouraged. Don’t give up. 

Three – just because I’m older, don’t be afraid to dress sexy and cute. I hope I’m still dressing for my body and flaunting it. I don’t want to get older and just start covering up. I hope I’m still confident and showing off the parts of my body that I love. I hope when we get to that age, we’re still dressing how we are now, and we’re still caring no matter what happens to my body. I’m sure I’m going to have kids and I’m not going to look like this, but you can still own it and feel beautiful, sexy and all those things. I don’t think there’s an age to that.


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