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Katherine Jackson is the matriarch of the Jackson family. She is  always seen as much more coy and reserved than her husband Pimpin Joe Jackson. Katherine prefers to focus her attention on caring for her children and assuring that her grandchildren have a normal but loving up bringing. I can respect that.

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Katherine, like many other Mothers and Grandmothers is often taken for granted, as the true extent to her giving nature is not always noted. For instance many may not be aware that Grandma Katherine took in Randy and Jermaine’s baby mama Alejandra and the four kids she had with them. Jermajesty, Jaafar and Donte and Randy Jr. This may not seem like a big deal to some as these are her grandchildren but keep in mind that it is not her responsibility to be financially responsible for her grandkids. Rather her son’s responsibility. Grandma Katherine finally asked Alejandra and her children to move out recently and while many other Grandmothers would have given her daughter in law the heave-ho and told her to take care of herself and her own kids. Grandma Katherine placed them in a condo that she owns. However, that was not sufficient for her daughter in law Alejandra.

To add on to Grandma Katherine’s stress, Alejandra is in the process of suing Grandma Katherine for a better place to live and money that she feels she deserves for….. Who knows. You would think that Alejandra thinks that she should never have to lift a single finger to care for her own children. If anyone she should be suing for money it should be the fathers of her children, Jermaine and Randy. Yes, in case it was not clear to you, she has children by both the brothers. Perhaps she opted not to sue them and aimed for the cash cow which is Grandma Katherine who currently receives money from Michael Jackson’s estate. Can you say unappreciative?

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Meanwhile, Grandma Katherine is raising Michael’s two children and attempting to give them as much of a normal life as she can. She recently decided to put them in private school opting not to continue on with their private home schooling.

I support her in this decision as this will hopefully aid the children in having as close to a normal life as they can have given their situation. Through all things Grandma Katherine seems to always has her children and grandchildren’s well being at the forefront of her mind.

I commend Katherine Jackson and would honor her with a Grandmother of the century award if there was one. In all seriousness she truly has a lot to deal with for an elderly woman. She has sons who do not always get along, they sleep with each other’s wives, a greedy and lazy daughter in law, a cheating money hungry husband who treated his kids like employees more often than like his children and she also has dealt with the unexpected death of one of her children. Yet she completely stepped up to raise his children and steer them into having a full life. Katherine Jackson, you deserve every accolade you receive and more.

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