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The off-season has been rough for the Carolina Panthers will retirements and trades, but the latest news is the worst: Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith broke his left arm Sunday.

What makes it worse is Smith broke his arm playing flag football. He already had surgery to insert a plate, but that’s not the point. The point is the Panther’s star receiver broke his arm roughhousing. Aren’t they supposed to have some kind of clause in their contract that prevents them from doing anything that could result in injury.

I’ve played flag football. Two broken fingers and two ruptured achilles tendons later I can tell you that it’s a rough sport.

Apparently, Smith was reaching for a pass that went over his head and fell. He tried to catch himself with his left arm. He broke a bone near the same area where he broke the arm late last season against the New York Giants, according to a story in the Rock Hill Herald.

“Steve has talked to me and feels terrible about it,” Panthers General Manager Marty Hurney told the Herald.

He should feel terrible. But isn’t that Smith’s M.O.? He messes up and then feels bad about it.

What do you think? Should he have been playing flag football?

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