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Jhené Aiko has become a songstress of soothing sounds over the years. The singer gets candid on a recent Instagram post discussing how she has used sound, aroma and color therapy, proper diet, meditation and exercise to gain strength and clarity to be a vessel of love, truth and light. The Los Angeles native makes 33 years old today, and she has allowed her supporters in on her lifestyle transformation through the years.

Aiko’s journey to healing and self-love trickled over into the music as her latest Grammy nominated album, Chilombo, explores relationships, heartbreak and newfound strength. The R&B singer was adamant about incorporating crystal alchemy sound bowls in her last project in hopes of opening up different chakras within the human body.

Aiko has publicly discussed the healing properties of singing bowls for her. She has hosted events for her fans to experience the vibrations of the bowls accompanied by her calming vocals live and in person. Singing bowls are meant to produce a vibrational hum that resonates throughout the body, producing a relaxing and tranquil effect. The bowls are a common practice in healing and meditation, which help with balance, and lessen stress and anxiety.

As we celebrate Jhené Aiko’s spiritual transcendence, let’s dive into a list of her top soothing meditation sounds.


Frequency is related to light and energy. The shorter the wavelengths and higher the frequency equate to greater energy. Aiko speaks about releasing frequencies, assuming she is referring to the lower energies that sometimes surrounds us.

Psilocybin (Love in Full Effect)

This song is 7 minutes of trippy, yet soothing sounds. It flips from her talking about an experience on psilocybin, a psychedelic drug, to her joined by Dr. Chill discussing love in full effect.

Mourning Doves

In this song, you can hear the relaxing sounds of nature, humming birds and tress blowing in the wind. Jhené’s voice sounds like a lullaby you want to play throughout the night.


Her and Brandy join forces for this song about ascension. “I’m on my way,” the two sing in harmony. It is so pure and another song that will assist in the feeling that stems from healing and self-love.

Magic Hour

Someone commented, “Sis, your voice should be a candle scent,” and we couldn’t agree more. Jhené Aiko on a beach speaking positive affirmations over and over is the type of carrying on we love.

Trigger Protection Mantra

Jhené’s voice singing, “Calm down,” repeatedly over a few hits against her singing bowls is the epitome of calming sounds. She speaks about being protected against negative energy.

Chilombo Medley

Here’s the songstress accompanied by a piano and a variety of sound bowls singing a medley of songs from her album Chilombo.


Happy Birthday, Jhené!


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