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Black Ink Crew's Ceaser Emmanuel Accused of Abuse By His Daughter

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Black Ink Crew is currently on hiatus, but the popular VH1 reality show’s main star has found himself in some drama.

The once lovable relationship between Black Ink tattoo shop owner Ceaser Emmanual and his daughter Cheyenne looks to be a thing of the past. His seed accused him of unnecessary physical abuse claiming her dad literally put hands and feet on her while she showered becuase she left dirty dishes in the sink.

Cheyenne took to Instagram Live and was visibly traumatized by the situation and went on a passionate rant blasting her father for his actions and outright accusing him of beating her while she was naked. Her gram has been wiped, but in the initial post, she wrote:

“It’s a shame that because he’s on tv that people would think it’s ok to kick and punch me and stomp me like I’m a dog in the street.”

Fans of the show were taken back by the accusations because the father-daughter duo were so close when they appeared together in scenes. Cheyenne didn’t stop at her Instagram Live video, she went as far as to call her father a “sperm donor” telling him to stop texting her and that she would “never lie for him” again.

Ceaser has since responded calling the accusations against him false in a statement to The Shade Room of all places. He also shared posts on his account seemingly showing that he is unbothered living his best life while partying in the middle of a pandemic.

In a formal statement, the reality tv star asked for privacy while saying he’s only guilty of doing what every other parent does, and that is discipline his child.

“My daughter Cheyenne and I are not on great terms. However, I would never physically abuse her. I have only done what many parents would have when their child has crossed the line and that is discipline, my child. I love my daughter and she is the only heir to my black ink tattoo studios. She is just having a hard time adjusting to no longer being the only child and having to share her father. I am doing the best I can to make everyone comfortable in our new blended family. I understand that we are on reality tv and our lives constantly play out in the public eye but I hope everyone can respect my family’s privacy while we settle our differences.”

Ceaser’s new girlfriend also has chimed in on the situation and, of course, has taken her boyfriend’s side claiming his child doesn’t respect her father and mother saying, “You want $600 wigs and don’t want to wash dishes?”

As far as Cheyenne’s mom, Crystal? She sided with her daughter in the matter and shared this message of support in her Instagram Stories:

“No one will ever understand to be woken up at 2 a.m from my daughter crying that her father beat her. This has psychologically damaged my child Imagine someone ripping you out of the shower at 16 years old punching and kicking [you]. Because you didn’t wash dishes in the sink fast enough.”

She also added this post for good measure:

It is just a sad situation all around that we are sure will definitely play out on a new Black Ink Crew season.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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