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Here’s a combination no one saw coming: Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Lifetime channel!  Then again, this is still 2020, so anything can happen at this point.

The fast-food giant is has teamed up with the popular cable network to create a new short feature called ‘A Recipe for Seduction.’  There is even a new Colonel Sanders involved and he’s played by Mario Lopez (a.k.a. “A.C. Slater” from ‘Saved by the Bell’), who is now the latest actor to play a version of the iconic Colonel.

There is a catch to Lifetime’s latest, and unlikely, movie that already has a lot of people talking.

From Uproxx:

According to Variety, this unholy creation is basically a 15-minute advertisement for KFC, but the good news is there’s free food involved if your body can survive this sensual journey into the world of 11 herbs and spices. To promote social distancing, KFC is away free extra crispy tenders to anyone who makes a $20 order through Uber Eats for lunch during the event.

As for this mini-movie, Lopez stars as “Harland Sanders,” where he gets to try and win over the affections of a woman, whose mother has other ideas in mind.  Sounds like a lot of the other movies that Lifetime have aired before, but this could be good, especially with some food involved.

A trailer is already out for ‘Seduction’ with Lopez front and center in the poster on social media.

Do you plan on seeing ‘Seduction’ when it premieres?


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Article Courtesy of Uproxx

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