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Stephanie Glover, aka Gezee Rose, is a local event planner and online magazine owner.  Her site – http://meetthefresh.com – is not the typical celebrity gossip website.  “The site is all about showing how everyday people interpret what’s fresh and relevant to their lives. We focus on on topics ranging from fashion to lifestyle to relationships.”

Soon, the site will feature a video blog series titled “The Fresh.” In this series, Glover says she will interview various people that have made impacts in music, fashion, and the arts. Music is a huge source of inspiration for her in all her endeavors. So, Steph, when did you fall in love with music?

Brandi: It has been said that music has the power to connect, erase boundaries and heal the soul. What is your relationship with music? How does it make you feel?

Stephanie Glover: I have a deep, profound relationship with music as it allows me to convey feelings that I am not able to verbalize. Growing up, I was extremely timid, and communication for me was difficult. I struggled with expressing myself and as a result, I sheltered myself from people. I love music because it often times put into words what I was not able to and also lets me know that I am not alone. Music tells us that our feelings, situations, and interactions are not strange and was experienced by another. It is that thing that unifies people regardless of background, gender, and age. It makes me feel connected, yet free.

Brandi: What’s your all-time favorite song or the song that brings back the most memories for you?

Stephanie Glover: Wow…that is a tough one. Hmmmm….If I had to choose just one, I would choose Vesta Williams “Sweet, Sweet Love”. It epitomizes that feeling you get when you are truly in love. How sweet it is….every person wants to obtain the feelings Vesta sings of in this track.  Everyone wants that one person that they could love more and more each day.

But I must say the song that brings back the most memories for me is Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes “I Miss You”. If you should ever truly miss someone to the point when it hurts, this is the song for you. I was introduced to this track so long ago and whenever I hear it, it takes me right back to a time period in my life when it was really relevant.

Brandi: What’s your favorite musical era? Why?

Stephanie Glover: The 80’s hands down. You had Prince, Michael Jackson starting to do his thing as a soloist, and the emergence of Hip-Hop. “Off The Wall”, “Bad”, and “Thriller” transformed popular music and united all races, ages, and genders (now that’s “Bad”), not to mention contributions from Whitney Houston and Luther Vandross in the 80’s. During the 80’s people were not only making love and putting their souls on the line, but people were also beginning to boogie to Techno and dance music, which later translated into Hip-Hop with rappers like Run DMC, Salt-N-Pepa, and LL Cool J. I am an 80’s baby, but remember well how the music then made you feel.

Brandi: Last question, what’s on your iPod right now?

Stephanie Glover: Oh gosh…my iPod is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you going to get once you plug in. I have everything from Queen and Paramore in there to some Freddie Jackson to T.I and Drake. I love Anthony Hamilton’s “Point of it All”, loving Jaheim’s “Find My Way Back.” I listen to Erykah Badu’s “Ye-Yo” often. “Ye-Yo” means mother and that song is a beautiful track about motherhood. Mary J. Blige and Jazmine Sullivan’s “Gonna Make It,”plenty of Maxwell. “Silently” is my favorite right now. I truly could go on. I listen to music that corresponds with my mood at the time; so, I listen to a lot of different tracks.