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Alvina August

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Who doesn’t love a good Hallmark flick when the seasons start to roll around? I know I do! Curling up on the couch with my mom, a cup of hot chocolate and the smell of a marshmallow-scented candle from Bath & Body Works is my type of winter afternoon. Now that we’re in quarantine and I’m working from home, I’ll be doing that a lot more this year than ever before. One of the newest additions to the Hallmark Channel’s holiday lineup is “Deliver By Christmas,” which premiered on Sunday, October 25th.

“Molly [Ford] meets Josh, a widower who recently moved to town with his young son,” actress Alvina August revealed about her character Molly and the plot of the movie. “At the same time she is charmed by a mysterious client of her bakery whom she’s never met in person, and doesn’t realize that they’re one and the same.”

In the spirit of the holiday season, HelloBeautiful caught up with the Hallmark breakout star and Zimbabwe-bred talent about the difference between her and Molly’s style choices, her holiday beauty hacks and what’s at the top of her Christmas wish list. Check out our conversation below.

How do you and your character Molly relate stylistically? Would you ever wear some of the things she’s worn in the movie?

Fall is my favorite season. I love colorful coats, sweaters, scarfs and cute matching beanies so our style is fairly similar as far as being casual and comfy goes. However, I love to get glammed up as often as I can so I think that’s where we differ. I‘m a little more experimental with my style be it sequins, velvet, lace, unique jewelry or a pop of color; I love to make a statement. I think Molly is a little less keen to stand out in a crowd too much. 

What are your holiday beauty hacks?

I usually have drier-than-normal lips especially in the winter which makes wearing colored lipstick a challenge because it never lasts long. I use a sugar, lemon juice and coconut scrub as an all-natural oil treatment. It tastes delicious too! Baby powder in between coats of mascara is another one [that] I’ve found works wonders if you have struggle lashes like I do. Another must for me is using a lighter brown eyeshadow to lighten my eyebrows, especially if I’m doing a smokey eye.

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Do you typically dress up for the holidays, or do you like to scale it back?

Yes and yes! Even if it is a small dinner with friends and family or something low key, I love to put in the extra effort. I’ll wear a colored lipstick, something I usually never do, and rather than stick to nude or white, I’ll throw on a red dress. If there’s ever an occasion for a little red dress, it’s Christmas time. Without fail, regardless of how dressed up I get, I always end up back in my Santa onesie and cozy booties at the end of the night curled up in front of the TV watching my favorite Christmas movie. 

What beauty gift would you like to receive for the coming holiday season?

A microcurrent face toning device like nuFACE would be on the top of my Christmas wish list. I’ve been trying to improve my skin care routine to help slow down the aging process. As an actress, I put my face through so much that I have to take extra care of it when I’m not on set. Maybe Santa can bring me a jade or rose quartz roller and a night repair cream if he’s feeling extra generous or the fountain of youth I’ve heard so much about.

Alvina August

Source: Ascend PR / Ascend PR

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

Setting up the Christmas tree is by far the biggest one. Growing up in Zimbabwe, we always had a real tree every year. The bigger the better. The most fun I had at the holidays was decorating it with all my aunties, uncles and cousins. It took several days of rearranging ornaments, stringing lights, clearing sand around the base, a true labor of love which became the centerpiece. 

We would open gifts, drink cocoa by the fireplace, enjoy the desserts we baked the night before like trifle and custard, share stories and sing carols together well into the night. Even though the tree has decreased in size over the years with family now scattered between multiple continents, it still remains a symbol of love and gratitude in my apartment. 


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