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In no time in our history has our right to vote been so important thanks to a certain wannabe dictator trying like heck to solidify his power via voter suppression and disinformation campaigns, but luckily some people and corporations are taking matters into their own hands helping people to get out and have their voices heard come November.

SNIPES is joining in on the fight for our democracy and has teamed up with Puma to launch their #USEYOURVOICE campaign to encourage customers to register to vote at 95 of their brick and mortar stores.

Here is how it works: Customers engage with the in-store #USEYOURVOICE campaign through either a Vengo kiosk or QR code scanning sign that launches to the appropriate state voting site. Four key locations: the three Philadelphia stores and the first 2.0 store at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, have interactive Vengo kiosks that send voter registration links and dispense reusable custom Snipes- and PUMA-branded #USEYOURVOICE masks. All other stores use custom in-store signage with QR codes that easily scan to drive shoppers to voter registration and information sites in their states.


SNIPES other brands like Foot Locker and even some professional sports arenas doing their part to ensure people get to cast their ballots, it seems like the people have a fighting chance to enact change come November. Hopefully people actually take the time to give a damn about the future of our country as the powers that be are counting on them to give no F’s about the Presidential election.

Prove the orange oppressor wrong. Get out and vote!

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