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Skai Jackson is on a mission.  She is now exposing racists on social media, who also happen to be around her age and younger.

From Complex:

The 18-year-old Disney star found herself trending on Friday after she announced her mission to put bigoted teens on blast. Jackson called on her followers to contact her via DM and send videos, screenshots, and any other receipts of their classmates’ racist behavior.

Her are her tweets below:

Soon Jackson got to retweet a lot of responses, which included screenshots and videos, of those who are indeed racists.  Receipts featuring the “perpetrators’ names, high schools, cities, social media handles, and, in some cases, phone numbers” of those with the most offensive posts were put on blast.

One such example included a student from Texas Christian University, along with who appeared to be an adult with her, posting a photo in blackface along with the caption titled “changing races.”  TCU soon responded to Jackson’s post on Twitter.

While she has been judged for “bullying” others with what she’s doing, the actress clapped back saying that the racist teens brought everything on themselves.

Jackson has also gotten a lot of support on social media for what she’s doing.

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Article Courtesy of Complex

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