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Source: Sam Greenwood / Getty

Anyone can get got, even during a pandemic. Kansas City Chief’s running back Damien Williams was robbed at an Airbnb he was staying at in Los Angeles.

Considering the victim, a Super Bowl winning NFL player, the thieves made off with a meager take while luckily Williams was unharmed. According to TMZ Sports,  the thieves made pilfered just $1000.

Reportedly, Williams had just checked into the home on Saturday night (May 2) in Los Angeles when three culprits broke in via the back door. The three-man crew surround Willams and his entourage and managed to get the aforementioned money off of them despite not threatening them with any weapons.

Respect The Jux: NFL’s Damien Williams Robbed At Airbnb In L.A.  was originally published on hiphopwired.com