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A beautiful african-american woman doing weight training outdoors

Source: Yuri Arcurs / Getty

After a long day of work, the perfect way for me to unwind is to go for an evening run.  Well, let me be completely honesty.  I don’t run just because of stress…I  need to drop a few pounds too!  I’m being honest!  However, the coronavirus crisis has made me really rethink going outside to jog or exercise.  So, I did some research and below are some tips from health experts like Dr. Gupta on how we can stay safe while we run or exercise outside.

  • Try to stay away from crowds.  Run at times when you’re less likely to be around other people.  This may mean altering your usual run schedule and/or route for times and routes that are less likely used by others.
  • Maintain your social distance. However, due to heavy breathing, experts advise to increase your social distance to 10-12 feet when you’re running or exercising outside.
  • Wear a mask if possible.