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FOX's Empire - Season Six

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‘Empire’ came to an end on Fox after six seasons this past week, though a few weeks earlier than expected.

Production on the show’s final run had to wrap up a few weeks earlier, leaving the Lyon family and company two and a half episodes short than what producers and everyone involved wanted to present for fans.

Those connected to the show remain committed to finishing up those last few hours in some way.  So much so, that showrunner Brett Mahoney has declined to reveal storylines and plot devices from those original last two episodes, because he and the rest of the crew are still hoping to get that “proper” ending done.

Among those who want to see ‘Empire’ end on a much better note than this past week is none other than “Cookie Lyon” herself, Taraji P. Henson.

Here is part of what the actress told Entertainment Weekly, according to EURweb:

“…As an artist, to not be able to finish something that you started, that hurts me. I feel incomplete. I don’t ever start something and don’t complete it. And so, for me, it’s deep; I have to finish, or this will haunt me for the rest of my life and career…”

Henson also added that she is sad that the show has come to an end because, along with that missing “proper” ending, there wasn’t a wrap party and there was no way she was able to give anyone a hug for giving her gifts as a way to say goodbye.

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