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Unfortunately it does not come natural to everyone to be sexy.  Both men and women have to work twice as much to look how they feel.  From the minute you wake up, the routine begins: doing your hair, ironing clothes, shoes, and shaving for the gentlemen and make up for ladies.  Then you have the weekly chores such as getting manicures/pedicures, facials, eyebrow waxing, and clothes dry cleaned.  Maintenance is constant, from haircuts to teeth bleaching to having the latest trends that suit your body type.  Let’s not forget those important long strenuous workouts at the gym to keep those buns of steel and six packs year round.  In addition to all that, your personality and attitude, the way you walk and talk contribute to your overall sexiness.  You are not born with eloquence, class and sophistication, it takes practice.   Sounds like a full time job right? That’s because it is, if you want to look sexy.  We know you do!

Yes it is work but the time and money spent is worth every second.  This is the way of showing the love and respect you have for yourself.  What’s wrong with getting pampered or taking an extra hour to get that perfect curl or making sure you are wearing the most flattering outfit?  Not only are you doing yourself a favor, trust me spectators will appreciate and admire your presence.  You know you look good already, but by putting in work you know you’ll look even better. 

Now for the lucky ones with the natural sex appeal, like Common with his fine self; more power to you.  Whether it’s your eyes, body or style, you got it, so flaunt it.  For the others, put a bit more money aside, splurge some more on shoes, make-up and small accessories. Before you know it, after a long day at the salon/barbershop or at the mall shopping for the most leg-flattering dress with a pair of fabulous heels, for men finding the perfect fitting jacket, you will be back in the running against those other sexy competitors.