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Working from home is a big measure to help “stop the spread” of Covid-19 both domestically and abroad. If you are one of the lucky individuals where WFH is an option for you, then it has undoubtedly increased your screen time. In person meetings are now digital and let’s be honest: many are coping with our new found reality by turning to social media (anyone else on TikTok?). Nevertheless, with a rise of looking on our phones and computers, there is another threat: blue light.

Studies show that blue light from computer screens, phones, and other digital devices can lead to eyestrain and over time—retina damage. Long term blue light exposure can also cause skin damage, inflammation, and advanced aging. Yikes!

However, you can fight back! We rounded up ways to protect your eyes and skin against blue light damage. Keep reading to discover.

Increase In Screen Time? Check Out These Products To Help You Battle Blue Light Exposure  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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