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Style is very objective. Some people like to keep it classy, tailored and sophisticated, while others see fashion as a form of artistic expression. Jennifer Mcking is certainly one of those people who expresses herself through her eclectic fashion sense. The London based fashion influencer has been turning heads on Instagram for many years now, but before her vintage swag set social media on fire, she was just a young intern trying to find her way.


“Unlike many people that have hopped onto styling because it’s cool I got into styling back when I was 14 years of age. I used to intern at Vivienne Westwood head office back then and they trained me up haha so from there I just carried on doing my thing.” – Jennifer Mcking for Mess Mag

There’s not many words that can perfectly describe Mcking’s personal style aesthetic. Some would say ghetto chic, while others automatically notice the nostalgic 90’s influence in all of her photos — straight down to the hair and nails. But one thing you can say about her look is that it’s unlike anyone else.


“I can never define my style because I feel like my style changes up all the time. It all comes down to how I feel on the day I’m going out, I can be a 90s vintage queen one day then another day; I’ll dress completely opposite like, a bit more trendy.”

With over 61,000 followers on IG, it’s no surprise that the influencer would take her talents to designing her own ish. According to Jennifer, her very own Mcking Brand is coming very soon. Just like her own style, the brand will be for folks who value authenticity over trendiness.


“One of the things I rant and rave about is the fact that everyone looks the same to me, there is a very few amount of original people in this day and age. Being able to come up with something original is the best thing ever.”

But where does one, whose style is so broad and unique, get the pieces to put together these hot looks? Jennifer says Vintage shopping is the way to go. She even deems herself a “vintage shop junkie”. The fact that Mcking’s style is so originally makes you wonder which fashion icon influences her look. Judging by her Twitter page — all things Black, all things bold and anything from the 90’s can inspire Jennifer to put together a whole fashion moment.


We can’t wait to see what Jennifer Mcking has in store for 2019. Check out more of her looks on Instagram @therealjennifermcking.

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