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Are you or your kids taking online classes due to COVID-19?

Schools are over the country are closing their doors due to “Shelter In” orders and social distancing to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus.

And this is putting some people into a position where they have to take online classes for the very first time or teach their children how to participate in long-distance learning classes in order to finish up their school year.  Both situations can be very intimidating for first timers.

According to a post Coronavirus study, 85% of college students report that they are excited about transitioning from the classroom to their laptops.

To help students with the switch, EduBirdie, an online writing platform, has shared the following tips:

  • Find an empty room: Finding a room with no other people and no TV will help to limit distractions during your online course.
  • Use headphones: If your class is now a video lecture, use headphones to listen to the professor. Blocking out all outside noise will really help you to focus on the lecture.
  • Practice good time management habits: With so much work to now do at home, make a to-do list and set aside a specific time slot to work on assignments from each class. This will help students to stay organized and ensure all work gets done before the due date.

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